Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) Student Success

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Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) Student Success Package brings students two unique resources: Core Curriculum and HBS Select Case Study Collection, to help them prepare for success in the business world.

1.Core Curriculum consists of 76 readings authored by faculty at Harvard Business School that cover the concepts, theories, and frameworks essential for business studies, including finance, accounting, marketing, management and strategy. 35-question test banks, practice questions, video clips, and interactive illustrations enhance student comprehension of specific topics, and teaching notes are available at no cost to all educators with a free educator account at http://hbsp.harvard.edu/.

2.HBS Select Case Study Collection offers more than 2,000 Harvard Business School case studies curated by editors from Harvard Business Publishing. It gives students the perspective and context they need to navigate the current workplace and prepare for their careers. Also, it provides immersive real-world scenarios and commentary to help students examine issues related to the dynamics of business and society, navigating changing workplaces, and managing teams, personal decisions, and career growth

HBP Student Success Package 由 「HBS Select Case Study Collection哈佛精選案例研究」「Core Curriculum哈佛商學核心概念導讀」兩部分組成。

1. HBS Select Case Study Collection哈佛精選案例研究提供了2,000+ 份哈佛商學院的案例研究,每個案例研究都提供了身臨其境的真實商業和公司企業情境,以幫助學生檢視與商業和社會動態的相關問題,駕馭變化萬千的工作場所、學習管理團隊、如何制定個人決策和自身職業發展。

2. Core Curriculum哈佛商學核心概念導讀提供了哈佛商學院撰寫的76篇讀物。 每份文檔都包含一份教學筆記,以幫助講師深入了解案例。 此外,每篇導讀都提供相關的課程材料、35份試題庫、練習題、短片和互動式圖表,以增強學生對特定主題的理解。