Gale: State Papers Online: Eighteenth Century, 1714-1782

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State Papers Online: Eighteenth Century, 1714-1782 represents the final section of the State Papers series from the National Archives in the UK before the series was closed and replaced by the Home Office and Foreign Office series in 1782. Covering the reigns of the Hanover rulers George I (1714-1727) and George II (1727-1760) and part of the reign of George III (up to 1782), the series provides unparalleled access to thousands of manuscripts that reveal the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day running of the British Government during the eighteenth century. 

As such, State Papers Online: Eighteenth Century, 1714-1782 is vital to any understanding of the political, social, and economic history of the period and an essential resource for any scholar or student studying Britain and Europe the eighteenth century. The complete archive includes:

  • Part I: State Papers Domestic, Military and Naval and the Registers of the Privy Council
  • Part II: State Papers Foreign- Low Countries and Germany
  • Part III: State Papers Foreign: Western Europe
  • Part IV: State Papers Foreign: Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Turkey [2018]