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依碼准經濟資訊有限公司Emerging Markets Economic Data Ltd(簡稱EMED)成立於2001年,提供200多個國家與地區的全球宏觀經濟研究及投資導向所需,近1300萬條時間序列及趨勢數據,涵蓋各主要行業資訊。


EMED擁有七大專題資料庫,提供23個共同主題方便參考比對,分為拉丁美洲新興市場資料庫(Emerging Americas)亞洲新興市場資料庫(Emerging Asia)獨聯體新興市場資料庫(Emerging CIS) 歐洲中東及非洲新興市場資料庫(Emerging EMEA)七國集團及歐洲資料庫(G7 & Europe)歐盟統計局資料庫(EuroStat)以及預測資料庫(Forecast)



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Emerging Markets Economic Data Ltd (EMED) , founded in 2001, is a leading provider of global macro-economic and financial market data for more than 200 countries and regions, with nearly 1,3000,000 time series and trend data, covering major sector information.

EMED has seven proprietary databases with carefully selected data and organized into 23 broad categories for easy cross reference, including Emerging Americas, Emerging Asia, Emerging CIS, Emerging EMEA, G7 & Europe, EuroStat and Forecast.

EMED’s full version of database system, dXtime (available in MUST Library’s terminals), has also provided the built-in TRAMO-SEATS Model  which provides fast and sophisticated econometric functions, analysis tools with graph displays, data outputs and inputs, and customization functions for work files and databases. 

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