Eikon with Datastream (Refinitiv)


Eikon is a market data terminal with a set of tools for analyzing financial and global business markets. Eikon contains powerful apps to help you understand the markets and make crucial decisions with industry leading content & analytics. Eikon package contains multiple database, including the below:

Worldscope Fundamentals is the standardized and As Reported financial statement data – both interim and annual – along with per-share data, calculated financial ratios, company profile information, security data, Officers & Directors and market content for over 85,000 issuers.

I/B/E/S Estimates contains analyst forecasts on company performance expressed via 240+ consensus measures, including earnings per share, sales and net income. I/B/E/S is the highest quality, most granular and transparent estimates provider. We provide industry-leading coverage – with decades more history and experience (1976 U.S.), hundreds more brokers (900+), thousands more companies (22,000+) – especially in emerging markets – for the most complete view of the market.

Datastream Time Series Content provides global cross-asset time series enabling users to explore relationships between data series; perform correlation and relationship analysis; test investment and trading ideas; and research countries, regions and sectors.

ESG provides objective and transparent environmental, social and governance (ESG) information and analysis tools to enable our clients to benchmark, compare and integrate extra-financial information into their investment processes to identify companies with quality management and reduced risk exposure.

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