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CEIC Data's "best in class" databases deliver the most accurate and timely economic, sector and financial data from around the globe. Their analysts on the ground compile and update hundreds of thousands of data series from hard to get sources, delivering a suite of databases relied upon by top Economists and Analysts the world over. Among those, CEIC China Premium Database is a leading economic time-series database, focused exclusively on the Chinese market that contains historical data dating back to 1949. Unrivaled in it’s depth and breadth of national, regional and industry data on China, the database is systematically organized into 4 sections, they are macroeconomic, sector, regional and special topics databases with 293,000 time-series data available for analysis. In addition, CEIC Global Database enables analysis of recent global economic trends and information with broad coverage of over 2 million country level time series on 121 countries worldwide.

Note:MUST library has subscribed 4 databases from CEIC:

  • Global Database
  • China Premium Database
  • World Trend Plus
  • Daily Database