CALIS/CASHL澳門地區服務中心 (Macao Service Center of CALIS/CASHL)


本館是中国高等教育文献保障系统(China Academic Library & Information System,简称CALIS)和中国高校人文社会科学文献中心(China Academic Humanities and Social Sciences Library,简称CASHL)澳門地區的服務合作中心,該中心是CALIS/CASHL全國管理中心在中國大陸地區以外地區設立的第一個聯絡中心,其主要作用是CALIS/CASHL管理中心和澳門地區的大學圖書館之間的一個橋樑,是溝通和交流的樞紐,其目的是促進CALIS/CASHL項目能在澳門地區更快的發揮作用,使澳門的大學圖書館能更快的享受到CALIS/CASHL的資源和服務,同時大陸的大學也能共享澳門地區的特有資源和服務,達到互利互惠的目的。


MUST Library is the service center of CALIS / CASHL in Macao. And it is the first contact center established by CALIS / CASHL outside of Mainland China.Its duty is to be a bridge between CALIS / CASHL Management Center and the university libraries in Macao, and its purpose is to promote the CALIS / CASHL project to play an important role in Macao, so that the university libraries in Macao can enjoy the CALIS / CASHL resources and services faster and efficiently. At the same time, the universities in Mainland China can also share the special resources and services in Macao, all this to achieve a mutual beneficial relationship.